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You can now download the mySA GOV app on your Apple or Android device by visiting your app store

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What is mySA GOV?

mySA GOV is a new online account and app which will provide single account access for South Australian Government services.

A key feature of the app is the digital licensing function, which will allow you to securely store selected Government issued passes and licences on your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet.

EzyReg transaction services, including vehicle registration notifications, are now accessible through the mySA GOV account with more Government services to be added as they become available.

What are the benefits of having a digital pass or licence?




With the mySA GOV app, you can easily and securely store your licence information online, and conveniently access it when you need it most. This means, if you lose your pass or licence you can still access your information using your smartphone or tablet.

Going digital also allows you to validate another person’s digital pass or licence so you know it’s real.

Digitising your passes and licences is just one feature of the app. You can also access a range of transaction services and reminders which will send notifications to your phone when your passes, licences and vehicle registrations are due to expire.

What digital passes and licences are available on the app?

Digital passes and licences will be available through a staged release with Proof of Age Cards, Boat Licences, and Land Agent and Sales Representative Registrations now available on the app.

Users can also add vehicle registrations which will send notifications to their phone when a vehicle registration is due to expire.

Digital Occupational Licences for builders, plumbers, gas fitters, electricians and security and investigations agents will be released in the second half of 2017

Digital Driver’s Licences (learners, provisional and full licence) will be available late 2017.

A comparison with a smartphone showing the mySA GOV app and three identification cards

Don’t get caught out

While digital passes and licences are now available in South Australia, some organisations and businesses may not be set up to validate your digital pass or licence.

An organisation or business may request that you present your physical licence, so it is recommended that you continue to carry your physical licence with you just in case.

Please also ensure that you carry your physical pass or licence with you if you choose to travel interstate.

Three smartphones showing a shield and padlock symbol, a barcode and a notification

How do I digitise my passes and licences?

To access your information, you will need to verify your details against the mySA GOV account.

If you have a mySA GOV account (formerly known as the EzyReg Account), log in using your existing details. You can create a new mySA GOV account online.

The first time you access the app you will be asked to enter a four-digit PIN. You can then use this PIN to access your digital passes and licences through the app.

Once you are logged in, you can add your passes and licences by pressing the ‘+’ button in the top right corner. Enter your pass details, if prompted, and then you’re ready to go digital.

Remember, you can only add passes and licences that you already own.

More passes and licences will be added to the app as they become available.

Is mySA GOV safe?

We know how important it is to have simple, convenient and secure access to personal information online.

To keep your information safe, the following security measures are in place on the app:

Encrypted storage

The app has been designed to ensure that all communication channels are secure, all storage is encrypted, and no data is stored in a central location.

Safe connections

Data can only be accessed through private and secure web based communication channels.

Screenshot protection

A “shake-to-animate” feature has been added to the app, which will animate the screen and display a “tick” when your phone is shaken to show that it is not a screenshot.

One-time barcode

Each time the app is accessed, and for every 30 seconds it is in use, a one-time barcode will be generated for validation purposes, to prevent fake digital passes and licences from being used.

PIN and fingerprint protection

The app can be accessed using a local PIN or fingerprint identification.

Identity verification

You will need to verify your identity against the Government system that currently holds your registration information. This happens automatically when you sign up to a mySA GOV account.

Want to know more?

For help creating a mySA GOV account call Service SA on 1300 450 422 (Monday to Friday) during business hours or email myaccountassistance@sa.gov.au.

For more information read our FAQ’s for licence holders and for businesses.